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Meet Dan

Photographer, Filmmaker, Storyteller. 
Before I get into my professional side, I'd like to explain a little about my personal side. My name is Dan Arebalo, some people call me Daniel too. I live in Washington dc and I am an entrepreneur. I make videos for fun on the side . With all the supporters I've gained throughout the years, I'll eventually be moving to LA to pursue my life goals furthermore taking my business along with me over there.

Dan Arebalo is an artist with true passion for photography and filmmaking that makes his work truly stand out among other media creators. He is based in the Washington DC area. He does all kinds of work from birthdays to weddings. The films he creates are so different from the average videographer, it truly has a unique look that's hard to create. 
According to his clients, Dan is an extraordinary, fun, creative, hard-working, professional and friendly. Those are just a few words that his clients use to describe him. Dan makes the whole process go smoothly. 
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