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Last Updated on 1/18/2023 

LONG STORY SHORT: Yes I will still be giving every single couple their video. My goal is to have everyone's video delivered before April. The earlier your wedding date is... the sooner you'll get it, the more recent your wedding is, the sooner to April you'll get it. PLEASE READ BELOW 

Hey Everyone!

I have written this whole page quickly and have not read it over as I want to spend my time editing the wedding films instead of perfecting this website page so there may be typos here.

I want to start off by giving a big apology for this big mess in the late delivery of the wedding films, it was never my intention to make this whole mess happen and Yes I will still be giving everyone's videos!!!

I don't know where to begin but I want to seriously give a big apology to everyone.

I want to give a little background on my current life to make everything more understanding. 

Although I have filmed already for 3 years before you have booked me, I was still fairly new to the business. The quality of the work as you already know is cinematic and nothing less. While I was still fairly new I wasn't able to charge rates like other videographers who provide the same quality. I think something you all can agree on my style of videos is that for the price of I was charging the work was beyond what other videographers were charging. I am speaking quality of videos only. 

With that said I have gotten well overbooked with all these videos not knowing it would add up. At first it wasn't bad at all. I was only giving everyone's work a month or 2 late. Back then I was very consistent with messaging everyone about their videos but there was one couple that even though I communicated with them it'd be impossible for me to finish their video by the end of the month...they got furious and wrote a horrible 1 star review with her husband. This took our 5 star rating to a 4.8 and in the wedding world reviews means everything. NO COUPLES WOULD HIRE ME, It caused my financial situation to crash. I didn't have enough money saved to survive on no job. This all happened as soon as I moved to a new home in early 2022. I've spent thousands on moving on things such as moving company, furniture, storage units, box truck rentals, even paying friends for their time to help me move. Not a great way at all to start off the year. Eventually I did finish their video but the couple still haven't taken down the 1 star review. It caused me to get absolutely no booked clients so I had to return to my old job (which is a flexible job for me and pays the bills) That would take up my time so much though, it's the only job I can do that gives me flexibility and give me time to edit videos. I kept editing videos but as time went on.... more couples kept emailing demanding updates on their video. I would give updates every few weeks at first but couples would constantly ask for updates way more that it would take hours for me to respond to everyone and mean less time for me to edit. Overtime more couples have written their 1 star reviews. Making the situation worse on my end. Some couples have asked for me to no longer film their wedding causing no income at all and got myself into debt.... As of now I am working multiple hours everyday to pay bills. If I don't make a certain amount daily I am fucked and no chance at all for me to edit anything.
I believe the original couple who wrote the 1 star review thought by doing that to me I'd edit their video faster. In reality what happened was, they caused me to fall into a huge financial crisis and it has affected every couple afterwards to have their videos from 1-2 months late.... to well over 6 months late. I'm not saying they were in the wrong, I understand their frustration. I just wish they never wrote that review in the first place and just only messaged me about it. If they never wrote that, I'd be giving everyone's videos only 1-2 months late rather than 6+ months late. 



I want to finish all the videos I haven't delivered yet and I will. I am truly sorry about everything. I am not trying to run away and never get your videos sent! 
I will be editing them all with quality and it won't be rushed editing either, it will as top notch as I can make it be. 

I have set a goal to finish every single video before April. The earlier your wedding date is... the sooner you'll get it, the more recent your wedding is, the sooner to April you'll get it.

I will soon provide a chart below here going over the status of each wedding date with a predication of when the film will be delivered by. 


202 556 4426

But when texting me please have the first sentence include You are aware of my financial situation and have read my updated website so I know how to respond rather than sending out the whole story all over again. 

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